Rashtriya Kala Akadami

Rashtriya Kala Akadami was established in the year 1999. We at RKA firmly believe that art is the only medium of channelizing the energy of the youth in a positive manner. We aim at moulding participants as able citizen of India. With this aim we are continuing our efforts from last so many years. We have been conducting Rangawali Class every Sunday from 7.00 am to 9.30 am for last so many years.

We started with mere 15-20 students today our class has more than 150 students. Till dated we have trained more than 1500 students. We have also trained students from various schools like Jeewandhara School for Special Children, JijamataHighschool, AhilyadeviHighschool,RamaBaiRanadePraudhPrashala .

We have been conducting various events around the year some major events are.

The biggest and grand event is the RangawaliPayghadhiAbhiyan on the day of AnantChatrudashi before the prestigious MahacheGanpati.These rangolis always cater to issues like environment, terrorism, female foeticide, traffic problems and issues related to the society. We always would like to create social awareness via our rangolis which affect the society in general. Second event is deepostav.Diwali is the festival of lights. We at RKA always want to light the lives of people who are neglected by the society, hence we collectively oragnisedeepostav at Chaturshingi Temple on the day of Padwa in Diwali. Third event is Deepostav in the Hall of Electric Cremation. On the occasion of DevDiwali we celebrated deepostav in VaikunthCremetory. We also felicitated people working over there as a sense of gratitude for the work done by them. Apart from these three main events we conduct lot of social, cultural and art related events throughout the year.

Symbols and there meanings

1. Bindu – Bindu( Dot) symbol of seed. Seed is responsible for reproduction hence it is a symbol of Motherhood.

2. Resha - Resha( line). Straight line is a symbol of pure thoughts and pure heart. Symbolises education with purity.

3. Ardhavartul-(Semi Circle) It symbolises moulding yourself according to situation. Symbol of being .

4. Wartul-(Circle) It symbolises completeness.

5. Wardhini- It Symbolises every person should work for their own progress.

6. Gopadma- It depects the feet of goddess laxmi. Cow is very usefull animal. Cow is also called as go mata( mother) in Hindu religion.

7. Sarparekha-Carrier of Air and Water. That means you should have practical as well as religious knowledge. It also symbolises transfer of knowledge from one generation to another generation.

Contact Us

Rashtriya Kala Akadami

Office No: 203, Bharat Bhavan “B” Building, 1360 ShukrawarPeth, Natu Bag, Pune-411002 Phone – 9763006400 Mail id : rka260101@gmail.com

Class Timing : Sunday 7:00 am to 9:00 am.